February Wish List

I may have started this blog in late January, but I’ve had plenty of time to dream up my February wishlist! I’ve actually put myself on a bit of a shopping ban…trying to save up some money so I can afford to buy the items on my wishlist, eventually! It’s torture. I want everything.


{1} I’ve been dying for a pair of silver pumps, and this pair from Nine West is gorgeous and affordable. {2} I love these gold nails! I cannot figure out what polish this might be–the pin just links me to this Tumblr–but I’m going to keep digging around. {3} These teacups are so beautiful. I plan to check out some secondhand and vintage shops and boutiques to see if I can find some! {4} One of my resolutions this year was to drink more water. I’m getting tired of my dingy old CamelBak, and this glass option is so sleek and chic. {5} OBSESSED with this tulle skirt. I wanted one so badly for the Christmas season and couldn’t find one in my price range. This one is still a little too pricy for me, but I can dream. {6} How cute is this greeting card? Another resolution of mine was to write more snail mail, and so I suddenly have found myself spending a little too much time (and money) browsing gorgeous cards to send to my friends. {7} Loving dainty jewelry right now. This teeny necklace from Baublebar will be mine this spring! {8} Another pair of neutral heels on my Zappos list. The cream and black look too perfect together. {9} One more delicate necklace! I saw this one on Pinterest, and the caption said it was Tiffany…hence the reason I found the more inexpensive version at Baublebar! But I love the way it’s styled with the cozy sweater.

That’s it for February! Next month’s list will be all about spring, spring, spring! I’ve already started planning my warm weather beauty routine.


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