Winter Blues

I know I’m not alone when I say that winter depresses me. I always come down with a bad case of the winter blues, and this year is no different. It really just weighs on you and makes things seem so hopeless! I’m already struggling so much with finding a new job, and my financial worries are only getting bigger. Combine that with the single digit temperatures and seemingly-permanent blanket of snow on the ground, and basically all I ever want to do is put on sweatpants and go to sleep. I’ve taken to planning warm weather outfits, browsing for sunscreen and swimsuits, and stalking my street on Google Maps {the streetview images were taken in the heart of summer–so much green!} to try and alleviate my gloomy mood. It works, too–until I have to step outside. I gathered up some images that make me feel warm on the inside {if not the outside} to help me as I count down the days until spring.


{images: retro bikini, aloha, nude beach bound, white one piece, flowered bikini, navy pier, sand, what about summer?, waves}


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