I have a problem + Clinique Review

I have issues with repeat purchases. Case in point: this mascara. It’s my favorite, and I’ve repurchased it three or four times. It truly is amazing, and lives up to the hype. So it’s unclear why I find myself dragging my feet when it comes time to replace it. I walk into Sephora and am immediately assaulted by the million other types of mascara. I don’t stand a chance–I have no self-control when it comes to buying makeup anyways, and there are so many new options that I feel the insane urge to try. Why am I like this?? I often rein myself in by telling me that I’m probably allergic to most of them {sadly true–another case in point: the DiorShow mascara that made my eyelids puff up so badly I could barely see}, and mascara is something I’m uber picky about anyways. Unfortunately for me, this is a time where I find myself running out of several products. First was mascara. Then it was highlighter {I’ve actually been out of this for months, but have been lollygagging and trying new, cheaper options instead of going back to the one I know and love}. Then primer. I tried a drugstore version, and HATED it. I went back to a tried-and-true favorite {how boring}.

I did try something new, however. Something I’ve heard plenty of rave reviews about, and that I’ve been curious about for months. I’ve heard it described as the ultimate “your lips, but better” hue, and who wouldn’t want that? So without further ado, I present to you: Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey {the only color it comes in}.

almost lipstick
It looks frighteningly dark in the tube. Like, vampy, Lorde-at-the-Grammy’s dark.

This scared me. I am not one for deep berry lips, no matter how desirable some people make it look. But this goes on incredibly sheer, and very smooth–like a balm. The only reason I would ever mistake it for lipstick is because of the way it smells. Not bad, necessarily, but it just smells like a lipstick. Like my grandma’s Revlon or something. Odor aside, I love this stuff. One coat is light and natural; two coats ups the drama a teeny bit. Any more coats than that is more or less unachievable due to the slick nature of the stuff, but you probably wouldn’t want more than two anyways. If you’re looking for a deep berry color, buy actual lipstick or a stain–not something called “Almost Lipstick.” The color looks great for winter, but I’m excited to keep wearing it into the summer; I like to see how different makeup colors translate against tan skin! And who knows–maybe this will be a repeat purchase? It’s only $15, after all 🙂

Okay, I have to add this. I was just on Clinique’s website looking for a picture of what this stuff looks like on actual lips without resorting to taking an awkward selfie of myself, and found myself browsing the reviews. One overzealous reviewer wrote this: “I like this lip gloss because it is never greasy. It
truly is “nearly lipstick.” I put it on all during the day and even sleep in it. It keeps my lips from peeling and getting too dry.” She sleeps in it. SHE SLEEPS IN IT. People, this stuff is moisturizing, but it is a form of lipstick. Don’t sleep in lipstick! Are you crazy? If you must sleep with a product on your lips, I recommend this Aquaphor Lip Repair balm. It’s soothing, has SPF, and heals dry and cracked lips overnight. It’s my favorite. Aquaphor by night, Clinique by day.


2 thoughts on “I have a problem + Clinique Review

  1. Ohhhh I’m going to have to try the aquaphor lip stuff! I’ve had this annoying nose congestion for the past two months, and am apparenty breathing through my mouth when I sleep (Disgusting!)…. So my lips have been super dry. 😦

    • I highly recommend! It’s kind of greasy, but I literally only wear it to bed so it’s not a problem. It’s absorbed by morning and the moisture lasts all day!

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