To Pull Or Not To Pull

… That is the question.

I really don’t like to jump on bandwagons. That being said, I felt like I couldn’t not try this new trend out. I’m talking about oil pulling–maybe you’ve read about it? This blog post went viral on my newsfeed, but I’ve also seen this one multiple times, and just a few days ago my favorite blogger, Grace Atwood of Stripes and Sequins, posted about her experience here! I’ll be honest, my curiosity got the better of me! I decided to give it a try.

Basically, oil-pulling is when you put a teaspoon of organic coconut or sesame oil in your mouth and swish it around for twenty minutes or so. It’s supposed to clear all the toxins out of your mouth, and improve oral health, bad breath, whiten your teeth, clear up skin problems, and basically cure any malady you suffer from. So they say. You swish, and then spit into a bad or trash can {the oil can harden and mess up your pipes}, then rinse and brush your teeth as usual.

I’ve only done it a few times {using organic coconut oil from Trader Joes}, but I think I can tell a difference. For one, my mouth feels SQUEAKY clean–way cleaner than they usually feel four hours after brushing, drinking coffee, and eating breakfast. My teeth appear a little whiter. And that’s really about it, so far. I’m sure it takes time for big results to make themselves known, which is why I want to keep at it! I don’t have any major health issues.. but maybe it’ll cure my minor acne and dry skin? I’ve heard it can help with headaches, too, so there’s that.

It can be really difficult to swish oil in your mouth for twenty minutes. But it does get easier! I try and do something to distract me while I’m pulling. Once I learned how to slot it into my morning routine and multitask, it got so much easier. A few times I’ve just gotten back into bed and read or watched Netflix briefly, but for some reason I’ve noticed that I produce more saliva and have to spit some out when I do that. On the contrary, when I’m up and moving around {doing my hair or makeup, picking out my outfit, tidying up, etc.} there is way less saliva involved. I’m not really sure why that is.

One thing I feel I should mention is the placebo effect. I know, I know. My psychology background is showing, but I just can’t help but wonder {Carrie Bradshaw moment}. Oil pulling is getting so hyped right now. Google it, and you get roughly 2.5 million hits. Everyone is singing its praises. But is it only working because we think it should? Maybe all the people with awful arthritis and other ailments read about how fantastic it is, and that’s what cured their pain. Also, what if my teeth aren’t really getting whiter–but I think they are, because I’m oil pulling? Now I’m paranoid.

Regardless of psychological theories–I’m going to keep at it. Stay tuned for updates, if there are any!


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