FitBit Flex Review

I’m going to veer away from the beauty reviews for a moment here, and talk about my brand new FitBit Flex bracelet!


My roommate got one for Christmas, and at first I wasn’t really that interested in owning one for myself. I’m not super active {my excuse is I can’t afford a gym membership–which is true–and that it’s been too cold and miserable outside to run–also true}, so why would I need a bracelet that’s going to remind me of that fact? I do walk a lot–one of the perks/disadvantages of living in Chicago without a car. As time wore on, I became more interested. Then I purchased one! I figured, it’s getting warmer out… I’m going to want to spend more time outside, walking and/or running… maybe it’s not a bad idea to track my steps! I am curious as to how many miles I log in a week.

The bracelet itself is a lightweight adjustable rubber band that comes in eight colors–pink, teal, slate, lime, tangerine, black, navy, and violet. It comes with a tiny black object that you insert into the band–that’s the FitBit part. It lights up to let you know how close you are to your goal {the standard is 10,000 steps a day, but you can adjust that accordingly}, as well as when you meet your goal. That’s one of the things I love most about FitBit: if I get tired of my hot pink band, I can buy a violet one. Or a lime one. Or a Tory Burch one {!!!!} which has yet to be released, but it’s coming soon! The black piece is the expensive part. The bands themselves only cost around $15.

It seems to be very accurate! I really had no idea how many steps I take every day. You wear it on your non-dominant hand, but I was nervous because that hand is usually resting on my cross-body purse, or in my pocket of my jacket or sweatshirt. Would it still know I was walking, even though I wasn’t moving my wrist? I pulled out my phone and opened the FitBit app {free; shows a dashboard with your progress}, and sure enough! The number of steps was increasing before my eyes. It’s so smart!

It is a little difficult to meet your daily goal. 10,000 steps is a lot! I was under the impression that it would be easy to meet and that everyone around me was doing it. Not so much! My roommate says she doesn’t meet her goal every day, either. You really have to make a point of getting up and walking more in order to get there–which makes sense, obviously. I try to use my FitBit as more of a motivation tool, rather than something to make me feel bad when I come a few thousand steps short of my goal.

It also tracks your sleep, which is super interesting. You’re supposed to be able to tap the band twice to turn it into sleep mode, but I usually manually start it via the app. It tracks when you’re awake and when you’re restless, and then gives you the data in the morning when you take it off. I’m interested to see the results over time; I’ll note how much sleep I get on nights that make me feel really well-rested, and try and aim for that. So far, I’ve noticed that I don’t toss and turn as much as I thought I did. Not that I thought I was super restless, but I have a lot of nights where it says I was restless zero times! The average for all twelve nights I’ve used it is 4.5x. Not too bad!

I ordered my FitBit from their website, here, but they are sold all over the place! Target, Best Buy, Sports Authority. Find one that works for you!



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