Oil Pulling Update

More about oil pulling! I’ve been going strong and pulled almost every day since I started! The only days I skipped were last Saturday and Sunday, because I was out of town for a wedding and had zero desire to bring a whole jar of coconut oil with me. It gets easier and easier every morning! I actually look forward to pulling when I wake up. The taste has grown on me so much, and so has the squeaky clean sensation it causes.

A few things I’ve noticed:

1. My skin is improving. I can’t tell if I can chalk it up entirely to the oil pulling, because I also think I’ve FINALLY found a skincare routine that works for me, but there is a definite improvement. Acne on my forehead has cleared up, and so has the blotchiness. Oil is reduced as well.. I can wear only BB cream without any touchups or need for concealer, which is unheard of for me. My skin feels super soft, as well!

2. I’ve been sleeping pretty well. If you read my post about my new FitBit Flex, you see that you can track your sleep cycles with it. I had heard that oil pulling can help with sleeplessness, and again, I don’t know if the pulling is helping or not… but according to the sleep tracker, I fall asleep quickly and barely toss and turn. It hasn’t made it any easier to wake up in the morning, but it is what it is!

3. It really clears up any oral pain I have. Last Thursday/Friday my gums were SO swollen on the bottom right hand side. It felt exactly like when my wisdom teeth came in a few years ago. I was actually sort of afraid… I had all four wisdom teeth removed, but maybe there was a fifth mutant tooth hidden beneath and now it was breaking through??!? It was super puffy and painful and I couldn’t chew on that side. But the oil pulling really soothed the pain and helped de-puff, and after a few days it was completely back to normal. My tongue also was feeling kind of icky. My favorite favorite favorite snack in the whole wide world is sunflower seeds. They’re so bad for you {all that salt!} but I’m hooked. The salt makes the surface of my tongue feel raw and gross sometimes, like it’s been burned, but oil pulling helps it feel normal much quicker than usual.

The psychology student within me is totally flipping out right now, though. The tenet that is driven into the mind of every psychology {and anything research-related, really} student will not leave my head. I’m talking about CORRELATION ≠ CAUSATION. Just because two things are related doesn’t necessarily mean one is causing the other… for example, global temperature is increasing, and the number of pirates in the world is decreasing, but I don’t think warmer temperatures are making the pirates disappear. {That was my favorite professor’s favorite example.} So who knows… there is definitely a correlation between oil pulling and my improved skin, sleeping habits, and oral health. But in order to find out if the pulling is the cause, I would have to eliminate all outside factors, and it would be really really interesting but also very complicated and since I’m not a student anymore I don’t have any desire to embark on that.

If any more improvements occur, I will definitely write about them, so stay tuned!!


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