New Goodies

There is no feeling in the world that is as good as having new makeup to play with.*

Some people feel that way about clothes and shoes {I do too, actually}, some feel that way about fresh ingredients in the pantry, and some feel that way about golf clubs or something. It’s whatever, people. All about whatever makes you happy!

What makes me happy are the goodies I scored last week. I returned to the magical Walgreens and purchased Bahama Mama bronzer by TheBalm, and the cashier so kindly added on two free samples with purchase! A beautiful shimmery champagne-colored loose eyeshadow, and a miniature tube of Stainiac! I was so thrilled. Then I casually stopped at Sephora on my way to meet a friend a few days later and scooped up a sample of a new GlamGlow mask I have never tried before. Check out all the details below!



TheBalm Bahama Mama. This bronzer looks a little scary, I know, but it’s not so intimidating once you know how to use it. It’s extremely pigmented, and has a matte finish–no shimmer here, which means it’s perfect for contouring! I use a BareMinerals brush and veeerrryyy lightly brush it across the surface. Then I tap over the edge of the sink or garbage can to get rid of excess powder, and sweep it in the hollows beneath my cheekbones. When it comes to bronzer application, I seem to have adopted a weird technique combining what I was first told about bronzer {apply where the sun naturally hits your face}, and what makeup artists are saying now {use it on the hollows of your face to contour}. I think it comes out looking natural, and like I have a little more structure to my otherwise unstructured-looking cheeks.



TheBalm Overshadow – The Sexpot Series in No Money, No Honey. I don’t usually wear eyeshadow, and when I do, it comes from my trusty Urban Decay Naked palette. I love neutral eyeshadow–you won’t ever {probably} see me in purple or blue–but if this particular shadow hadn’t been free, I probably wouldn’t have purchased it. It’s a gorgeous color, but how many champagne-hued eyeshadows does a girl really need? As per usual for theBalm, the packaging is sassy and adorable.



TheBalm Stainiac. Ooooh, I was so thrilled when the saleslady brought this over for me as part of my free gift! If you recall, Stainiac was on my shopping list in my last post, but I had decided not to purchase. Cheek and lip stains intrigue me {I love a good multitasker}, but I hadn’t had great experiences with them in the past. I’m sorry, but I’m looking at you, Benetint. The product that I hate to dislike, because I love Benefit so much. Maybe liquid-y tints like this are better used on a bare face–but when I applied, I could always see a ring on my cheek where the Benetint had washed away part of my foundation and bronzer. I found it difficult to blend, as well, because it dries so fast. Anyways, I digress. Stainiac is the same color as Benetint, but a different formula. Where Benetint literally looks like a bottle of nail polish {same brush and everything}, Stainiac resembles a tube of lip gloss, down to the applicator. It’s more of a gel, rather than a liquid. It only takes a little bit applied to the apples of my cheeks, and it blends right in without disturbing the makeup already on my face. It provides a natural flush, and it’s so pretty! Great on lips too, for that whole “my lips–only better” color so many girls desire. The little sample will probably last a while, but I might have to purchase the big size!



GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment. I think that eventually, the girls at Sephora are going to start referring to me as “the girl who comes in and asks for GlamGlow samples and never buys the full size.” It’s true, but before I can justify spending $70 on 1.7 oz of anything, I want to make sure I like it. Not just like it, LOVE it. So I’ve gotten maybe three samples of the SuperMud Clearing Treatment, which I really like, and this time I asked for a sample of the ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment. I took it for a test run last night, and so far so good! It’s a different texture and consistency than the SuperMud mask {which is an opaque, clay-like gray substance with little bits of leaves and gunk in it}; this stuff is a pale tan color, feels and applies like lotion, and absorbs into your skin–instead of drying on it. It smells AMAZING–I’m a total sucker for anything that smells coconutty or like sunscreen, and this stuff does. It’s cool and refreshing. I applied it all over my face before bed, and then went to sleep. I rinsed it off when I woke up, and my skin was smooth, hydrated, and glowing. The best part is, the sample I was given is going to last a looong time. The SuperMud only ever lasted one to two uses, because you have to use so much. I barely made a dent in the teeny pot of ThirstyMud. I’ll keep requesting samples before I make my decision, but for now–it’s looking like I’ll be purchasing the ThirstyMud treatment before long!


It’s almost Birchbox time, you guys–can’t wait to receive it and write my reviews! I hope everyone enjoys their weeks!




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