April Birchbox: Rainy Days

Bring on the April showers! The theme for Birchbox’s April box is all about beating the gloomy weather blues, and embracing the opportunity to stay inside and cuddle up! As I write this, it’s pretty rainy and gross outside, and although I couldn’t stay under my covers all day {believe me, I wanted to}, some of the goodies from this month’s box are helping to brighten my day for sure.

april bb


{1} Color Club Gala’s Gems Collection nail polish in Breakfast At… — This polish is a really pretty creamy pearly mint color. It goes on smoothly and dries with a beautiful finish. So pretty for spring!

{2} Number 4 Reconstructing Masque — Maybe my hair isn’t as damaged as I think it is. I never have much luck with these types of reconstructing and damage-reversing hair masks, and this was no exception. It smelled really nice, but I didn’t see any major difference in my hair.

{3} Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo — This was also sort of “meh.” Again, smelled nice, but I couldn’t tell a difference in my hair after washing it.

{4} Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum — This was very disappointing to me 😦 I’ve been anxious to try this serum for months but wanted to sample it before buying. It seemed like the perfect sunscreen for a city-dwelling girl like myself. It’s a serum, so it’s runny, but it doesn’t dry to a matte finish like it said it would {not on my face, anyways} and then when I applied makeup on top of it, it started rubbing off and forming little balls and made it look like my skin was peeling off. No! Maybe I used it wrong? I washed my face, applied light moisturizer and let it dry, then applied this serum and let it dry before putting on my BB cream. I’ll save the sample and use it on makeup-free days, but so far, COOLA’s tinted moisturizer still has my heart.

{5} Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner — I really liked this! I’m a take it or leave it kinda person when it comes to eyeliner. I have several–all the basic colors, and then some not-so-basic colors. Eyeliner isn’t something I usually am excited to try, and I rarely spend the kind of money on it that I do on other types of makeup. Why is this? I’m not sure. I gave this one a try since it was free and I like to give all my Birchbox samples a fair testing. This liner is a deep plum, and goes on so smoothly! It blends evenly and really gets down into my lashes. I have a feeling the sample won’t last long though, as I really tend to scrub {for lack of a better term} liner way down into my lash line to blend better with my mascara, and it uses a lot of product. Will I repurchase? Stay tuned…

{6} KIND Healthy Grain Bar in Maple Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt — Yum! I’ve tried KIND bars in the past with little to no success – they just taste icky, and I didn’t like the texture. But I loved this one! I am a major fan of pumpkin seeds. I always carve a pumpkin around Halloween, just to get the seeds out and roast them! So delicious. This bar was sweet and slightly salty, and the texture was good. Crunchy but not too chewy. I haven’t seen these in any drugstores or grocery stores yet, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled!


There you have it! Lots of posts in the pipeline, which is good. I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to write any, and all these ideas for new ones keep popping into my head. Thanks for reading! XO


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