DIY Frank Coffee Scrub

Have you met Frank? Frank is a supposed miracle worker of a coffee scrub, designed to battle cellulite and banish dry skin. Every single review of it I’ve read is absolutely glowing; and it helps that the brand itself is so cheeky and fun. I first heard about it on my favorite blog, Stripes & Sequins. I zipped to their website, ready to purchase. At $15-$18 a pop for 7 oz, however, I took pause. It’s really not that expensive, but after checking out the ingredients, I realized I could probably make my own Frank. As of right now, there are two variations of Frank you can buy. There’s the original: containing sweet almond oil, orange essence, brown sugar, sea salt, and–you guess it–ground Arabica coffee beans; and there’s the Coconut & Grapeseed version, containing much of the same as the first scrub, but grapeseed and coconut oils to moisturize and coconut flakes and jojoba beads to exfoliate. Not exactly rocket science to duplicate. The wheels started turning, and I came up with a recipe that seems to encompass the best of both scrubs.

Homemade Frank Coffee Scrub


1 cup ground coffee, to target cellulite, dry skin, acne, stretch marks, firm skin, etc.
1/2 cup sugar, to exfoliate and smooth
1/2 cup sea salt, to also exfoliate and smooth
A health sprinkle cinnamon, to promote circulation and blood flow to the skin
A drizzle of melted coconut oil to bind the other ingredients together and add a moisturizing agent {I probably used a few teaspoons, but I wasn’t really measuring–it’s okay to eyeball!}


Easy as can be–just blend them together, and store in an airtight jar or container!

This mix can easily be doubled, or tripled! I imagine if you store it in a sealed container, it will last quite a long time. That was another caveat I had with the original Frank product–it comes in a paper bag. So easy to spill, or accidentally let moisture into! I like a jar so much better.

I picked up a bag of medium-roast coffee grounds at Trader Joe’s for less than $9. The coconut oil, sea salt, and cinnamon I already had; and the sugar cost me $3.49 for 24 oz. Total expenditure: ~14.00. About the same as one bag of original Frank. BUT. How much scrub did those ingredients yield? Far, far more than 7 measly ounces! I stored my first batch in an old {and well-cleaned} 24 oz pasta sauce jar, and it was filled almost to the top.

But does it work?

I say yes! The scrub is wonderfully gritty and you can really feel it smoothing your skin. My elbows are always so dry, and a few days after using this scrub, they still feel smooth and silky. It’s probably too harsh to use more than once a week or so, and I definitely wouldn’t put this on my face. It has yet to cure my cellulite, but that’s okay 😉


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