Amazonian Obsession

I found my new favorite makeup item in the WORLD last week.

I had found myself in a situation the other day where I was without my makeup bag and was borrowing someone else’s makeup. Normally not my ideal situation: What if their foundation doesn’t match my skin tone? What if I’m allergic to their mascara? But I was desperate. And holy moly, good thing I let my guard down, because I found an absolute gem in the form of Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation. O. M. G.


You may be aware that I’d kicked foundation to the curb {temporarily, anyways} a few weeks ago after trying Benefit’s Big Easy. It felt nicer on my face, etc. etc. but I did miss the full coverage and airbrushed finish that foundation lends to my skin. BB cream is good and lets your natural glow through, but sometimes I like an artificial glow! And that is what I found with this foundation. I applied very little of it and blended with a huge fluffy brush, and I was stunned! It blends soo easily and doesn’t cake on at all. Best of all? It’s long lasting.

I picked mine up at Sephora, and have been applying it with this brush {yes, I know it says it’s for mineral powder application. But a Sephora employee used it to do a foundation demo on me, and I love using it!}. It’s basically a smaller-scale version of the Tarte brush made to go with this foundation. {I desperately want the brush, since that was what I first applied it with–but it’s expensive! I’ll have to wait for my next paycheck ;)}

Underneath, I’ve been using OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel and always always always some form of sunscreen. I’ve been switching it up a bit, trying different samples to see what I like. I didn’t have much success layering SuperGoop! City Sunscreen Serum underneath my makeup, which was disappointing; I held onto the sample, though, and apply it on a bare face with normal results. I also like using CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40 as a primer–my sample is about to run out, but I think I might purchase the full size.


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