Big News!

Last week, the formerly-what-I-thought-was-impossible happened. That’s right… after roughly fourteen months of job searching {and thirteen months since I graduated}, I was offered a job! It’s been a full week since the offer was extended to me, and I can still barely believe it. I accepted immediately, natch!

My new job is at a small startup called Blitsy. It’s basically a DIY-er’s dream: a Gilt or Rue La La for crafters. They offer brief flash sales on varying craft supplies–it’s so cool and unique. Check out their website here.

I’m so thrilled, because I first interviewed at Blitsy in October and completely fell in love with the company. Unfortunately, they restructured as I was in the process of interviewing, and the position I was being considered for vanished. I was bummed–it was my first major rejection for a job I really wanted. But–power of persistence here, people–I kept at it. I applied for a different position in January that had unfortunately already been filled by the time I reached out, but for some reason I felt totally welcome to keep emailing my contact there. I had no idea if they would ever have a position that was right for me or not, but I wanted to stay on their radar! I touched base with the CEO once more two weeks ago, and was invited in for a refresher of an interview. I was told ahead of time that the role I would fill wasn’t really open yet…they had a lot of major hiring to do before they could consider hiring me. But by the end of the meeting, I had an official offer! I was totally stunned.

My chase of a position at Blitsy was partly inspired by an article on Forbes that I cannot for the LIFE of me find anymore. My boyfriend’s college roommate sent it to me months ago, and it really helped! It suggested dialing back the job search for a while and really truly reevaluating what you’re looking for. In essence, stop mindlessly submitting your resume for anything that you could do, and apply for jobs that you want to do. What are your passions? What do you enjoy doing? Where do your talents lie? Take those answers and funnel them into your job search. As soon as I started tailoring my search to positions that better suited my personality and experiences, I got way more interviews and went further and further in the process each time.

Until Blitsy, though, the positions I were applying for didn’t match my own personal passions. Clearly, I’m obsessed with beauty and makeup. There aren’t many job opportunities in those areas in the fine city of Chicago {besides the weather, it’s only major downfall in my opinion}. However, I do also have a soft spot for anything crafty. I’ve always been like that–I just haven’t had the time/energy to take on any major projects since I moved to Chicago. But the thought of working at Blitsy got me so excited to dive back into the crafting and DIY world!

So, I’m excited to announce that I will be adding a DIY section to my blog, alongside the typical product reviews and wishlists! I’m not sure what my first project will be, but I do know that I’ve been planning on re-doing my dresser for quite a while {just a simple paint job and replacing the pulls}.. maybe that! I also ordered some supplies from Blitsy to make my own version of an Aurelie Bidermann bracelet, which I first saw here on Stripes & Sequins. Speaking of S&S…Grace Atwood’s many DIY projects are a huge source of inspiration for me, as well as the girls over at PS–I Made This…, and Emily at Cupcakes & Cashmere. I can’t wait to start DIY-ing again!


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